It finally dawned on me…

These bastards are in it together.
I just read this: “Labour will launch an “immediate” no confidence vote in the government if Theresa May’s Brexit deal is defeated next week, two shadow cabinet ministers have suggested.”.
Why would they announce it? Now? Why is Corbyn so unwilling to give any kind of clear statement on anything? I think the whole of Westminster is working together to ensure the Tories stay in power and, yes – Corbyn and the Labour party are in on it.
Now enough people will be afraid that voting down May’s deal will result in a general election and a possible Labour win, which nobody wants, so the deal will be voted through, and we will all be up May’s creek without a paddle, or even a boat, if Seabourne Freight is anything to go by.

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Dear Labour Party…

It’s time to lose Jeremy Corbyn.

He had his bubble in the run up to the last general election, but think about this: If you’d had a decent leader you would have won it hands down.

Now that bubble has well and truly burst, and I sense that sometime between now and the Brexit deadline, another general election may be called. The only thing stopping you from winning it is Mr Corbyn.

If you really have the interest of Britain at heart you will do everything in your power to win. First task: Lose Jeremy Corbyn, and position yourself as a potential governing party, not just one who seems happy to be in opposition.

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For mathematicians only…


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I love the Scottish flair for insults.

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The state of the nation of Romania

For my non-Romanian friends, a very brief summary of what’s happening, and why we need to be out in the streets every day. For my Romanian friends – I know I have missed a lot of the subtle points, I’m trying to keep it short.

1. Majority governing party leader (a hateful crook called Liviu Dragnea) is not Prime Minister because he has previous convictions and it’s not allowed.

2. He installed a puppet (an illiterate, embarrassingly stupid one) as P.M (Google ‘Viorica Dancila’).

3. Dragnea effectively runs the entire show, like a dictator, with the P.M. being nothing more than a laughing stock.

4. A couple of weeks ago, Dragnea was sentenced to 3 years, 6 months in jail.

5. Yesterday parliament voted to change the laws so the things he’s sentenced for are no longer illegal.

6. If this gets approved, Dragnea will become:

– Technically innocent in the eyes of the law

– Prime Minister

7. When that happens, we will definitely need another revolution, or I’m outta here.

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Is the BBC biased?

People say the BBC is biased towards Remain.  Could that be because the government wants them to be?

Just think – The government doesn’t want Brexit – they just pretend they do, because they’ve been painted into a corner.  So they walk a very fine line between trying to appear to be doing their best and totally, deliberately fucking it up.  So the end-state will be so shaky that a vote will be the only recourse – and the whole thing will be overturned.  Then Bobby Ewing will step out of the shower, dressed as Tony Blair, and the last 3 years will have been a dream.  So yes – I think the BBC is biased – against the government – because the government wants it that way.  For an example of a clearly biased report – see this.



Watch the video.

Beer we go!

Shock Horror! England scores goals. Englishmen drink beer. Pubs run out. And on the left – to trail the articles inside about Love Island – a photo of Hayley who’s no longer in it. Don’t ask me how I know that 😉

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I hope it sticks…

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