Month: June 2018

Is the BBC biased?

People say the BBC is biased towards Remain.  Could that be because the government wants them to be? Just think – The government doesn’t want Brexit – they just pretend they do, because they’ve been painted into a corner.  So


  Watch the video.

Beer we go!

Shock Horror! England scores goals. Englishmen drink beer. Pubs run out. And on the left – to trail the articles inside about Love Island – a photo of Hayley who’s no longer in it. Don’t ask me how I know

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I hope it sticks…

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Wise words from Bill Murray

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Can you fit a whole country down a toilet?

There’s an experiment happening right now to see if it’s possible to shove an entire country down the toilet.  It’s being tried by Dragnea and his PSD zoo.  And from evidence so far, it looks like they’ll succeed.

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