Whale Oil Beef Hooked (say it out loud, quickly, with a slight Irish accent for the full effect) is just a place where I used to throw random things I found on the internet – this was in the days before BaceFook took over the world.  For years now I did nothing with it.  It used to look like this.

Now, precisely because BaceFook has taken over the world, and in the spirit of F**k Z**k, I have decided to resurrect it.

Here I’ll share riddles, jokes and silly things, it’s all tomfoolery.  You are invited to comment and mock, and you will not be forced to log in, create an account or any of that shenanigans.  I will also NEVER try to serve you an advert.  If you want to share one then feel free.  I will not moderate much, unless it gets really out of hand.

We are like-minded individuals, mostly cynics, and we can have a bit of fun here – away from all that other social media noise.

Welcome to the anti-social network.