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It finally dawned on me…

These bastards are in it together. I just read this: “Labour will launch an “immediate” no confidence vote in the government if Theresa May’s Brexit deal is defeated next week, two shadow cabinet ministers have suggested.”. Why would they announce

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Dear Labour Party…

It’s time to lose Jeremy Corbyn. He had his bubble in the run up to the last general election, but think about this: If you’d had a decent leader you would have won it hands down. Now that bubble has

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For mathematicians only…


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Sent from my ‘generic touch-based tablet device’

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I love the Scottish flair for insults.

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The state of the nation of Romania

For my non-Romanian friends, a very brief summary of what’s happening, and why we need to be out in the streets every day. For my Romanian friends – I know I have missed a lot of the subtle points, I’m

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Is the BBC biased?

People say the BBC is biased towards Remain.  Could that be because the government wants them to be? Just think – The government doesn’t want Brexit – they just pretend they do, because they’ve been painted into a corner.  So


  Watch the video.

Beer we go!

Shock Horror! England scores goals. Englishmen drink beer. Pubs run out. And on the left – to trail the articles inside about Love Island – a photo of Hayley who’s no longer in it. Don’t ask me how I know

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I hope it sticks…

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