Wise words from Bill Murray

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Can you fit a whole country down a toilet?

There’s an experiment happening right now to see if it’s possible to shove an entire country down the toilet.  It’s being tried by Dragnea and his PSD zoo.  And from evidence so far, it looks like they’ll succeed.

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Because she hasn’t got anything more meaningful to say.

. so she picks 2 topics that people talk about and combines them in one sentence.

The thing is – AI can be a weapon in anything. This statement doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know.

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Will they? How will we know?

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UK Front Pages


What a total waste of trees.

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Please help me…

Which South Park character is this?

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Science fiction once again starts to look like science fact


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How did we end up in this situation?

The leader of the ‘ruling party’, who is not even in the government, because of his previous convictions, became the ‘most powerful politician in Romania’. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t despise him, but that may be because my circle of friends and acquaintances is mostly intelligent people from Bucharest.
Romania was for a long time vying with Bulgaria for the title of the most corrupt country in the EU, or even in Europe. Previous governments did some good work on ‘clearing out the swamp’ (to borrow a phrase from another noisy politician). The person pictured above managed to somehow create himself a puppet government (see especially our current Prime Minister, who is, frankly, an embarrassment to the country), and keeps controlling the news cycle in exactly the same way that Trump does. More accurately – in exactly the same way that Putin does (he’s much closer to Putin in terms of sheer sinisterness if that’s even a word). This man is trying everything because he so desperately wants to become Prime Minister. Or more accurately – Chief Dictator and Despot.
It’s time the EU flexed its muscles here and did something concrete, instead of what the EU usually does, which is to make ‘diplomatic’ noises with all the threat of a toothless tiger.
And please – the people who believe this man is not in the top 5 worst things to happen to this country since it was formed only 100 years ago – WAKE UP!
We have to live in the future – don’t let this man and his friends determine what that future will be. Our children don’t deserve it – and they will live much more of their lives in the future than we will.

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I mean – seriously?

This will end up as ‘everybody must wear the same clothes made by the same firm, and only carry the same things’.

In other words – everyone must appear to be identical in every way.

I remember they tried that in some countries. It was called ‘communism’, and it didn’t work very well.


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